Denis Law scores 6 goals in a match -
and finishes a loser!

Amazingly Denis Law scored 6 goals for Manchester City in an FA Cup tie against Luton Town on January 28th 1961 but still finished on the losing side!

That fourth round tie at Kenilworth Road was abandoned after 69 minutes because of a waterlogged pitch with City winning 6-2 and Law having scored all their goals. The two sides had to start again from scratch on February 1st and this time Luton emerged as the winners, by a 3-1 margin, with Denis Law again scoring for City.

The six goals that Law scored in the first match were expunged from the record book. If they had stood the Scotsman would have finished the 20th Century as the century's top FA Cup goalscorer. Instead that honour went to Ian Rush with 44 FA Cup goals (Liverpool 39, Chester 4 and Newcastle United 1). Denis Law finished second with 41 'official' FA Cup goals to his credit (Manchester United 34, Manchester City 4 and Huddersfield Town 3).